Brilliant insights!

– Tom Perkins, retired member Royal Institution of Chemical Engineers

This woman knows what she is talking about!

– Barbara Lawing, Writer

Marla’s therapeutic skills, communication skill, and professionalism are of the highest quality.

– Micki Lukse, PhD, LPC

I was greatly impressed by Marla’s sincerity, personality, and honesty.

– Marish Groner, Principal

Working with Marla was an enlightening experience.

– Tracy Watkins, MSW

Marla offers her precise insights with wit, compassion, and directness.

– Kathy Ridge, Past Exec. VP, Wachovia Bank

There is a lyrical quality to Marla’s life and writing, which she lovingly shares with us.

– Ellen Wass Beckerman, Photographer

Marla has a unique warmth and ability to care for her clients.

– Michael Kaufman, MD

I applaud you!

– Beverly, Massachusetts