Thank You For Everything!

by Marla Chalnickgratitude-1

I have been thinking about gratitude lately. After my recent MS episode, I realized how thankful I am that my body springs back. I feel like myself again! So I started doing some research on gratitude and I came across this article by Richard Kronick. He describes himself as an author, teacher, speaker and coach. This article appeared in the Huffington Post on January 4, 2016.  Here’s an excerpt. Hope you enjoy!


To whoever or whatever is behind all of this, this life, I am grateful.

Thank you for all the things I take for granted, for the gifts which I have become used to.

Thank you for occasionally catching me in the rain, so I can be reminded of how incredibly fun it is.

Thank you for never letting me be fully content, so that I may forever seek to better myself and others.

Thanks you for the aches and pains, so that I may appreciate comfort and ease.

Thank you for thwarting my attempts to get what I want, and then offering me something better down the road.

Thank you for all the moments of magic, joy, excitement and serenity.

Thank you for all the people who are so special that it hurts to be apart from them.

Thank you for the ability t read, to enter into imagined lands of other minds and partake in the wisdom of geniuses.

I am grateful for the dreamers of the world, who give us glimpses into the realities that we shall one day know.

Thank you for the trees and plants which magically take in my carbon dioxide and return to me healthy oxygen.

Thank you for smell and taste, protecting us, yet providing daily adventure and excitement.

Thank you for making me, on the scale of the cosmos, infinitely tiny, so that no problem could ever truly be considered big.

Thank you for the memories, thoughts and experiences which can never be taken away from me.

Thank you for the mind which lives through all of this and experiences it.

Thank you for this life, it is so much more than I ever could have asked for.

Thank you for everything, I have no complaint whatsoever.



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