June Doe

by Marla Chalnick

A sliver of light

creeps through grey faded eyes

on a face of crepe paper and silk.

Sliver of light

illuminates pink  manicured fingernails

extending from hands of worn leather and velvet

no food or water for twenty-seven days

what nourishes a soul

as it transitions from this life to the next?

No cards  flowers  pictures  empty coffee cups

I sit at her  bedside in a black folding chair

soothing music plays on the television

I hold the space  hope she senses presence

Wonder how the soul leaves the body?

Drift  off before the heart stops beating

gather up spirit and shoot out of the crown

linger to protect  parts that are cold

only to arrive in the heaven we learned

of in childhood, or might she abandon form,

leaving soul energy to float in a silver sea of spirits,

nurtured by kaleidoscopic  light.

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